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Note: This training combines our previous “Introduction to Dynamic Planning” and “Continuing Dynamic Planning” trainings. It is equivalent to the NCI Charrette Planner® Certificate

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"This course provided me with the details required to explain to clients the complexities, and value added, associated witha charrette process."

-- Andrew Raus, Bergman Associates

NCI Charrette System™ Certificate Training


The purpose of this training is to teach you how to design the right process for your project that will result in the best solutions with broad support. Participants will gain a practical understanding of how to apply the NCI Charrette System™ to a wide range of planning projects. Working in small teams using a case study format you will learn how to direct a collaborative team project start-up meeting to assess and design the process for a wide range of project types. You will gain a working knowledge of the 13 most important NCI Charrette System™ tools and techniques, including:

Throughout the training we will present the latest high-tech tools to support each phase of the process. One major benefit of this training is meeting and working with your fellow students. NCI trainings consistently attract top practitioners in the field from across the US and abroad. Students report that one of the most valuable aspects of the course is learning from each other and establishing beneficial relationships with others in the field of community planning.

2016 Upcoming Public Trainings

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Who should take this course

The training is ideal for planners, designers, and developers specializing in sustainable development, transportation, public works, and transit as well as citizen advocacy.

Learning Objectives

You will gain a practical, working knowledge of the most advanced collaboration tools and techniques used by the leaders in community planning. Depending on your skill and experience level, upon completion of the training you will be able to host or conduct a NCI charrette.

Using a case study method in small group hands-on exercises, you will learn:

Training Agenda

Exercises are performed by small groups (8 max) using case studies

NCI Charrette System Certificate Training Agenda


This 3-day, intensive training will be offered to the public several times per year. Register through the NCI website or partnering organizations. See the above list of dates for upcoming trainings. This training is also available in-house at your location. Please contact us for details and availability.
This course is accredited with the AIA for 18 continuing education hours (CEHs), the AICP for 18 certification maintenance (CM) credits, andthe CNU for 18 CNU-A continuing education credits. AIA CES logo AICP CM logo